Product Review: Silverpoint Head Torch

Silverpoint HeadHere at Crossaxle we have, over the years, amassed quite a collection of Silverpoint torches and lanterns, all of which continue to survive the rigours of abuse that we regularly put them through.  So it came as no surprise that when their latest product arrived, their new Guide head torch, it lightened our day! (Sorry).

The new Guide provides 95 Lumens of strong and evenly distributed light, perfect we found for illuminating the small spaces behind cupboards, under couches and of course, the outdoors and under the bonnet of our Discovery.

It has some nifty features too, for instance there’s a low level battery indicator which  lights up when voltage is lower than 3.1V.  It has a memory function that allows the light to be switched off from any setting, and when powered back on, it’s returned to that same setting, which is especially useful when using the red light.

Furthermore the Guide is IPX5 rated making it sufficiently waterproof to be used in rainy or wet conditions… or in my experience, driving a hard top Series III Land Rover first thing in the morning.

Weighing in at just 85g (including batteries), it’s comfortable to wear, and with its sturdy hinge, it’s flexible too.

It has 4 operating modes: High, medium, low and red light. The 3  AAA batteries (included), will last for 14 Hrs High, 45 Hrs Medium, 60 Hrs Low.

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Price: £19.95

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