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Here at Crossaxle we don’t believe that BBQ’s and outdoor eating are just summer activities, we enjoy them all year round, whatever the weather.

With the right tools, starting a BBQ is a doddle, and when I’m at home, part of my tool kit is a battered and worn chimney starter, which always works a treat. When I’m out and about with my small Weber Smokey Joe or Aquaforno it’s a different matter, the chimney rolls around the back of the Discovery covering everything with muck. So I set about finding something that’s easier to transport, cheap and equally reliable – say hello to ‘Fire’s Little Helper’ and how it works couldn’t be more simple:

  1. Remove a Helper from the packet
  2. Fold in the sides to make a box
  3. Place 2 to 4 fire lighters on the BBQ.  Or alternatively, use some kitchen roll soaked in olive oil, or cooking oil instead of the firelighters.
  4. Place the box over the fire lighters.
  5. Place charcoal on top the box.
  6. Using a long match, light the fire lighters, or kitchen roll through one of the holes in the tray.
  7. Leave for between 10 to 30 minutes until the fire is burning well.

As simple as that!

Just like my old chimney starter, the helper draws in enough air to start a fire first time, and continues to do so until it catches fire itself and completely burning away.

Fire’s Little Helper is designed and made in the UK.


Price:  £4.99 for a pack of 5

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