Grangers – Active Wash, Odour Eliminator and Footwear & Gear Cleaner

Do you have smelly feet? Of course you don’t. No-one ever admits to it. But, whilst not wanting to admit it yourself, do you have a teenager with some old shoes they don’t want to part with? Or some gym or sports gear, or walking clothing and footwear that now lives in a carrier bag in the cupboard as you can’t bear the odour that it now emits?

Well the people at Grangers think they have the solution! Here at Crossaxle towers we have been putting some of their cleaning products through their paces so here is what we have come up with in our extensive research.

Grangers Active Wash

This product has had the most thorough trials to endue in our testing. It’s been used on both Richard’s gym gear and my children’s clothing, including their well worn school shirts.

The results are a little mixed. It didn’t have a huge effect on Richard’s gym gear but he’s the first to admit that it’s that well worn and has a unique gym aroma about it, but maybe with more washes it would improve. He felt though that if you used it on new gear from the start then it would stay fresh after each wash.

The school shirts and teenager clothes were a bigger success. So much so that my ex-wife is now buying the Active Wash to continue to use on the boys’ stuff. Definitely a success in my book.

Grangers Odour Eliminator

Now this compact bottle is definitely worth keeping in your bag or car. Just a spray or two into sweaty shoes, boxing gloves, cycle helmets or anything else, can help keep them from emanating less than desirable odours. It’s perfect for un-washable gear or items that you seldom remember to wash. It’s also friendly to water repellant coatings and doesn’t harm the target.

In our testing it has definitely improved some of my more well-worn shoes so for a fiver, can’t be bad.

Grangers Footwear and Gear Cleaner

You’ve got a wonderful rucksack. Keeps your items clean and dry but it’s in need of a clean itself. Trouble is, you can’t just throw it in the washing machine or hand wash it as the label clearly says washing will affect the water repellant coating. That’s where this stuff comes into its own. For spot cleaning or a quick going over, Grangers Footwear and Gear Cleaner is formulated to clean the dirt but not damage the protective coating. It’s also ideal if you need to prepare an item for a fresh coating of a waterproofing treatment.


These items and more can be found at Grangers website and for the job they do, the price is pretty good.



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