Pelican Cases – Update

At Crossaxle we like to test and review items we actually use ourselves. Peli are one such manufacturer that fits this bill.

For a couple of years now I’ve been using a couple of Peli cases for travel. The cases have carried everything over the years from camera and video equipment to vehicle parts and clothes. Never ever having a problem and they have travelled frequently in aircraft holds at the mercy of baggage handlers, always returning their contents in tip-tip condition. And frequently being dropped by me or falling out the back of a Land Rover when unloading hasn’t phased them either. Yes the cases themselves have now got scuffs and scrapes but they are still as solid as the day I received them and I’ll continue to use them.


My youngest has an iPad mini. This has, since its purchase, lived in a Peli Vault case. Again, it has performed without question, through all the turmoils a nine year old can put it through.

Then of course is their cooler range. If you’re camping or overlanding and power is an issue the Peli Cooler range are invaluable. I tested one in the hottest week of 2013, leaving it in the back of a Defender CSW for the entire time which only added to the heat and it took over a week for the ice within to melt fully.


Peli cooler

Basically, whilst this isn’t an in-depth review it is just to reiterate that if you’re looking for a protective solution for your travel, , camera, phone or tablet, you couldn’t go wrong with Peli equipment.

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