Let’s get muddy!

If you don’t follow their escapades already, and you have an interest in off-road life, camping and all the associated gear, then you should get over to see our friends, and former Crossaxle staffer Damian, over at www.themudlife.co.uk.

Whilst here at Crossaxle we are more about cars, videos and the odd bit of gear, at Muddy Towers, as well as cars,  they also do many more in depth gear reviews, especially in outdoor equipment from clothing and footwear through to cookers and more. Damian even personally tests the bacon butty capabilities of every cooking device he can.

In this digital world of posts and Tweets they have also just launched their very own digital magazine so you actually have something you can flick through. You can find it, read it, and subscribe to it here.

Please go and support a fellow motoring writer, if you’re into that sort of thing anyway, which you must be, as you’re already here at Crossaxle!


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