Long Term Product Review – Tilley Outback Hat

TWC5 British Tan HI ResTWC5-British-Tan-HI-ResAt only 4 years old I wasn’t sure whether I should include my Tilley Outback hat in the ‘long term’ section because it still looks like new. But, I’ve used it almost everyday during the last 3 summers to protect my head from low branches, UV and hail stone.

At Tilley, they build their hats to survive, it’s survived being submerged in salt water at the beach and mouldy canal water whilst canoeing.  It’s been driven over in muddy ruts, forgotten about and left outside for a month or so and was home to more than one family of snails!

My Tilley has stood up to levels of abuse that a hat really shouldn’t be subjected to, and after a wash it’s like new again!  I’m not good with hats, as you can tell!

The TWC5 Tilley Outback Hat is made from 100% cotton with waxed finish and designed with a medium brim, it’s modern waxed cotton technology means that can be washed, worn, packed and used and abused.  It floats, repels rain and has a cord so you don’t lose it in windy conditions and it’s guaranteed for life not to wear out and is insured against loss!

It has excellent sun protection, rated UPF 50+ and has a dark underbrim for glare protection from water, sand and pavements, it’s also machine washable and won’t shrink.  There’s a 4 page owners manual and a secret pocket to stash the odd twenty or credit card.

And if that lot wasn’t enough, to protect you from the sun and rain, Tilleys fit lower than other hats and for comfort they’re held on by gravity not pressure which, on a hot muggy day this is especially appreciated!  It also has a soft and comfortable anti sweat band that picks up sweat from your forehead and wicks it away to your temple area where it evaporates.

So on reflection, this hat has been through a lot and has come through with flying colours, and therefore deserves a bit of recognition.

Unfortunately, Tilley have discontinued the TWC5, but fortunately replaced it with the TWC6 & 7, same material and style just a different colour, Olive with a tan trim.

For more details on their hats, go to: Tilley hats TWC6 & 7 and visit their website at: www.tilley.com/uk_en/

Price:  £67.00
TWC5 British Tan HI Res

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