Product Review – Kettle BBQ Pizza Oven

IMGP2941Mrs Turner has a reputation for being fussy when it comes to food, so when I dig out the BBQ she often sulks and says, ‘We can’t cook pizzas on a BBQ!’  With pizza being a staple diet in the Turner household, I had to find a solution. So, after a quick Google search I found The KettlePizza, and now I can!

The KettlePizza is essentially a stainless steel sleeve with handles and temp gauge that turns any 18 inch (47cm) and 22 inch (57cm) charcoal kettle BBQ into a pizza oven within minutes, and it’s really easy to assemble.

It fits between the top of the BBQ and the bottom of the lid, thus creating a cooking chamber.  The heat comes up from the back of the kettle, along the rear of the cooking chamber and over the top, exiting from the front opening.  This creates a consistent heat loss that flows over the top of the pizza ensuring that both top and bottom are properly cooked.

I’ve used this quite a lot, and once I got used to how quick it cooks I now make the perfect pizza on the BBQ!


Available in the UK from:

Price:  From £119.00

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