Long Term Test – Aquaforno

AquafornoI reckon I’ve had my Aquaforno for around 3 years now, and what makes it stand out from all of my other stoves and BBQ’s is that its everything in one package. It’s a fire pit, BBQ, kettle, patio heater, pizza oven, roasting oven, clothes dryer and probably more!

Its modular construction means that its three cooking sections can be used in isolation, as a pair or as a multi-tiered oven.  The simple ‘twist and lift’ system allows all three sections to slide into one making the Aquaforno portable and quick to unpack and operate.  It has 3 adjustable height folding legs that allows the Aquaforno to be level and stable, no matter where you put it.

Packed up it measures 24cm x 44.5cm, and extended 99cm x 44.5cm, and weighing in at 18kg its creators, Tim and Karen say it’s even possible to take it on a plane as hand luggage due to its size and weight.

Having used it countless times now in varying circumstances, I’m not only impressed by its versatility, but its build quality too.  The Aquaforno is one of those products you know will last you for decades to come.  The last time I used it was just before Xmas, and using charcoal I cooked burgers and sausages with water boiling in the built-in kettle on the base level and on the second level I had KL’s pizza and a plate of oven chips!

In short, the Aquaforno is a collapsible stove that is also a BBQ, oven, heater, clothes dryer and kettle all in one!

Website:  www.aquaforno.com

Price:  From £129.99 – £299.00

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