He's not as scary as he looks.

Welcoming the new guy…

Here at Crossaxle HQ we’ve sporadically been having fits and starts as we try and accomplish too much with a lack of time and manpower. A conversation recently with my good friend Richard Rollinson led us to join forces, kick Crossaxle into top gear and use to the full force of every horsey in the engine and reach some new heights and directions.

So firstly welcome Richard. It’s my pleasure to have you on board and I look forward to fulfilling our plans. Richard will be the first to admit that he might lack some automotive knowledge but, I’ll tell you that he more than makes up for that in raw passion and petrol headedness. Richard is a very skilled graphic designer, passionate photographer and filmmaker, and a body builder to top it all (watch out weak seats), and you can see him on YouTube here. Speaking of YouTube, don’t forget to click the Crossaxle subscribe button on our channel here.

And dear reader what does this mean for you? More is the answer;

  • More content
  • More videos
  • More photos
  • More articles
  • More Instagram
  • More fun

We’ll be reviewing and driving more vehicles of all sorts, new, used and old. And video, our video game is going to reach new levels as we take you on our fun journey through the cars we find and products we think you may love.

Look out for our first joint video coming soon, as well as a brand new Crossaxle logo. We hope you’ll enjoy the wild ride as much as we’re planning to.

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