Subaru Levorg GT

I ought to come clean here, I like Subarus, I really do. And not for the ‘boy racer’, loud, high street touring idiot reason but because they drive so well. Because the late Colin Mcrae made one fly round rally stages, because they generally do as you ask every time without complaint.

I had a lovely Legacy once until someone wrote it off for me, so I’ve owned and enjoyed a Subaru myself.

So, when I recently had a chance for a quick spin in a press Levorg naturally I took the opportunity, with a view maybe to having one for a longer period in the future for a full test. Marketed as “The Driver’s AWD Tourer” we’ll see if it lives up to the phrase.

Lets look at the styling. I like it. It has that “don’t mess with me” edge that Subarus seem to often have. They have sharp lines without the wishy washy bubble curves some cars these days  favour. It looks like it means business.

Estate cars often suffer from designers block when the rear end comes in to play. Too often it seems that the team that designed the saloon or hatchback version just hand over the design to a five year old and tells them to make the back square. The Levorg doesn’t suffer from this at all. The back looks almost as smart as the front.

And the interior? Well, that’s a joy to sit in and and the driving position is just right. For the brief trip round Millbrook it was more than comfortable and I look forward to spending more time in the pilot’s seat!

As for the drive? The 1.6i engine puts out a healthy 170PS and a decent 250Nm torque from the Boxer engine. Hitting the tarmac via the six-speed Lineartronic CVT system, the front and rear wheels of the AWD system do as Subarus always do, and pushes the 2 tonne blue streak along with gusto. Have I mentioned I like Subarus? Well, if I didn’t, I would after a drive in this. It corners the test track as if on rails and doesn’t miss a beat.

With prices from just below £30k, it’s no entry level car but as a tourer, it certainly ticks the boxes.

I’ll have a chat with those lovely people at Subaru and ask to borrow one for a week to give a much more in depth review.

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