Product review: Peter, the Doctor’s Wash bag by Millican

Peter the Doctor's Wash BagThere was a time when I thought nothing of chucking all of my toiletries into a plastic carrier bag when I was spending a few days away from home.

This embarrassed Mrs Turner, and for a birthday present I was bought a ‘proper’ wash bag. Although an expensive fashion brand, it didn’t take long for it begin falling apart.

Then, along came ‘Peter, the Doctor’s Wash bag’ from Millican, which not only oozes quality, but looks the part too. Peter was inspired by the classic doctor’s bag with its easy access and wide opening top. Inside you’ll find 1 zipped and 2 elasticated pockets and an easy to clean lining.  There’s more space inside than any bloke will realistically ever need.

On the outside Peter has feet on the base to stay dry on wet surfaces, a quality zip and an external leather carry-handle.

Peter is made from 100% organic cotton weatherproof canvas (outer fabric), 100% recycled polyester (lining), and 70% vegetable tanned leather and is available in either Slate Green, Antique Bronze or Grey Blue, which is the colour I have.

He measures: H13.5 x W25.5 x D15 cm, holds 5 ltrs, weighs only 400gms and is perfect for either hotels and camping trips.

If you’ve read my previous reviews you’ll notice that Peter isn’t the only Millican product that I have, and there’s a good reason for that, it’s because not only are Millican products made from quality materials, but they’ve all stood up to quite a lot of abuse over the years and they still look like new.

Granted, £50 for toiletry bag may seem to be a tad on the expensive side, but when you consider that it’ll probably be the only one that you’ll ever buy, it makes more sense.


Peter’s page: Peter

Price: £50.00

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