Product Review: Half Zip Sweater

Ok, I'll never be a male model!
Ok, I’ll never be a male model!

I consider myself to be a typical bloke, I don’t have a full wardrobe like Mrs Turner, but what I do have is quality gear that lasts.

Amongst the clothing marked ‘posh stuff’, or in other words, not to be worn whilst fixing things, is the half zip sweater from Possum Merino.

OK, it may not be the rough and tumble clothing you might expect on here, and at £145 it can be considered quite expensive, but it has almost magical qualities that are worth sharing.

Made from a blend of possum fur, super fine merino wool and silk, it’s super comfortable and soft.

What amazes me is that it’s light and thin, yet surprisingly warm.  That’s because the possum fur is hollow and when spun with merino wool it produces a hardwearing yarn with superior heat retaining qualities which they say is 55% warmer than merino wool alone and 35% warmer than cashmere.

Granted it is expensive, but quality doesn’t come cheap, so if you want to treat yourself to something that not only looks and feels great, and keeps you warm and toasty without the bulk, then the 1/2 zipped jumper from Possum Merino is for you.


Price:  £145.00

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