Long Term Review – Barbour Belsay boots

Barbour Belsay BootsUnless I’m wearing a suit, or at the gym, you’ll generally find me wearing a pair of boots.  I find them far more practical for general meanderings than trainers.

I’ve had this pair of Belsay boots from Barbour since the middle of 2013, and I’ve worn the weekly ever since.  They’re a traditionally-styled men’s Derby brogue boot in a really nice soft burnished leather with waxed fabric at the heel.  Inside you’ll find a dark green soft leather lining with a classic tartan padded footbed.

I was concerned about their lack of meaty tread, and of course in thick mud and slippery snow they’re not so clever, but surprisingly grippy and surefooted on wet tarmac and rocks.

In the past couple of years they’ve been submerged in all many of gloop and mucky water and always scrub up well looking smart enough for a posh evening out with Mrs Turner.

If I have any complaints, I’d say that the laces are far too thin for my thick fingers to tie on a cold day (but that’s seriously critical, and not even about the boots), and that they don’t have a gusseted tongue to keep out muck and water. Having said that, they’re not that sort of boot, they’re smart and casual, and in my experience can also handle some rough stuff too. I have to admit, they’ve held up remarkably well.

Unfortunately, it appears that Barbour have stopped making the Belsay, however a quick Google search found plenty of retailers that have them in stock.

Price:  £125.00

Website:  www.barbour.com

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