Long Term Product Review – Jim the Holdall, by Millican

Millican 1Let me introduce to you ‘Jim the Holdall’ by Millican.  I’ve had Jim for a long time now, in fact he’s been used almost every other day for the last 4 years.

He gets stuffed with smelly and damp gym kit, he’s been thrown in the back of my muddy Discovery for camping trips, and he still looks smart enough in an L405 Range Rover for posh weekends away.  For press events in foreign climes, Jim also fits most airline restrictions for hand luggage, which is handy.

As you will have gleamed, I have a lot of respect for Jim, and like the rest of Millican’s range, Jorrit and Nicky pay amazing attention to detail. They only use the sturdiest zips, handles, press studs and good quality leather.  What I really like about Jim, as well as being incredibly smart, tough and functional, is his large ‘U’ shaped opening for easy access and a separate bag for shoes, underwear or whatever else smells that you don’t want contaminating your other gear.

In their modest range, each product is made with sustainable materials such as Lakeland wool and 100% organic cotton canvas.

Sadly, Jim is no longer on their website, he’s been replaced by 2 versions version of ‘Harry the Gladstone bag’.  To find out more about Millican’s range of fabulous products and why they’re named after their friends, check out their website!

Website:  www.homeofmillican.com

Price:  £225.00 Harry the Gladstone bag – clicky link

Price:  £175.00 Harry the Gladstone bag (small) – clicky link

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