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Heatshot is a neat device that can clear a frozen windscreen within 90 seconds and is, without a doubt, the best accessory that I’ve fitted to any vehicle, period.

How it works is quite simple, washer fluid is drawn from your vehicles washer bottle in the normal way, it’s then heated through the Heatshot and then to your windscreen.  The Heatshot only begins to work once the engine is running and stores enough warm fluid at a time for a 3 second squirt and takes a matter of seconds to reheat again.

It isn’t just for icy mornings either, it works better than I imagined at motorway speeds when last year even neat washer fluid kept freezing up! It’s also effective at cleaning your windscreen of bird muck, mud, sap and dead bugs all year round.

The Heatshot is worthy investment that can be easily removed and fitted to another vehicle when you decide to swap, it’s incredibly easy to fit too

Check out their website for details and videos of Heatshot in action.

Website:  www.heatshot.com/uk/

Price:  £179.99

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