Long Term product Review – Contigo Travel Mug

Brimmed with coffee, my Contigo helps me to survive the day...
Brimmed with coffee, my Contigo helps me to survive the day…

After four years of hard labour you would expect some products to die and go to the great landfill site in the sky, but not my Contigo ‘West Loop’ travel mug, no chance, it’s made of hardier stuff than that!

The ‘West Loop’ is BPA free and has a revolutionary patented Autoseal push ‘n’ sip lid system, which makes them 100% spill-proof and 100% leak-proof, guaranteed.  All you do is press the button to drink, then release it to instantly reseal the bottle again, easy.

Like any flask, for optimum performance I generally fill it with boiling water for a short period before filling it with coffee, and it easily lasts for around 4 hours… not that there’s usually any coffee left after 4 hours!

On new versions the lid has been renewed to allow for easier inside cleaning – the new mechanism flexes easily and there are no loose parts and there’s also a special locking mechanism.

£25 may sound a lot for a travel mug, but for the last 4 years mine has been thrown around in the Discovery, man-handled on campsites and is still smart enough to be used in the office.  All in all, it’s a cracking piece of kit that I’d be lost without.

Website:  www.mycontigo.com

Usually found on Amazon, John Lewis and InterSport and Snow & Rock stores, priced around £25.00

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