Long Term Product Review: Blunt Brolly

Blunt : Rangie 2The sign of a quality product is when you’ve had something for years and you take it for granted. We’ve all got those items that we never give a second thought to, whenever we need it, it’s there and it always works, and in this case I’m talking about my Blunt umbrella.

I’ve had my Range Rover logo’s Blunt XL for nearly 5 years now and it hasn’t had an easy life.  When it arrived I was told it would withstand winds of up to 72mph, that’s a Force 12 gale, so I took it up a mountain during a storm, it survived.  I’ll be honest, for the first 6 months I gave it hell, I tried lots of innovative ways to prove that was just a simple and feeble umbrella, but it didn’t flinch.

These days it lives in my Discovery where it’s been sat on and had heavy boxes thrown on top of it which has caused its shaft to bend slightly, that or it could’ve been caused by the muddy recovery ropes, shackles and Hi Lift jack, who knows, but it’s led a life that no brolly should ever have to.

It’s important here not to confuse Blunt with other umbrellas, especially the ones you can buy for a couple of quid then throw in a bin during its first downpour because it’s, well, rubbish.  So what makes Blunt so special?

Well, Blunt have completely redesigned the humble brolly, and by using their Radial Tensioning System ensures that even the largest of their umbrellas remain taut and easy to control.  I could go all technical and talk about it’s double struts, telescopic floating ribs and it’s patented blunt tips that act like miniature umbrellas themselves, but instead I’ll direct you to their website: www.bluntumbrellas.co.uk

During the 5 years that I’ve been abusing mine, Blunt have been busy achieving the impossible by improving their design.  They’re now available in various colours and sizes including a folding brolly.

All Blunts come with a 2 year global warranty, that’s how confident they are about their robustness.  So instead of wasting a fiver at a time on those cheap, crappy umbrellas, invest in a Blunt, not only will you be helping to reduce the size of your local landfill, but come the next storm, you’ll be feeling quite smug.

Price:  Up to £59.00


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