Honda Civic Type R – Flash Drive and Video

I’m a big fan of mad cars. Stupid cars. Ridiculous cars. The Honda Civic Type R is one such car. 0-62 is a little over 5 seconds and the 2.0 turbocharged VTEC engine puts out 320ps and it puts it down to the floor with ease.

Whilst I was a fan of the fun and performance the previous shape Civic Type R offered, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the shape. Just wasn’t for me. But this new shape, with the added +R styling, is lovely ( in an aforementioned ‘mad’ way). And if I’m not mistaken, I can fit in the seats better than I could in the older version. The huge wing doesn’t even look out of place and is a great spot for an action camera (if the batteries aren’t flat as ours were!).

The +R button is no longer on the dash but now selected through the dynamic driving modes, Comfort, Sport and +R (duh!). But these modes don’t just change the engine mapping, steering response and suspension, they also change the gearbox through the six-speed rev-matched gearbox that allows seamless selection of all gears with no snatching. They think of it all.

To drive this car is to pin yourself to Honda’s motor racing history and feel the force at which this car holds the tarmac. It really doesn’t seem to care what you throw at it, this little car takes it and tells you that it’ll handle more than you dare put its way. That’s how it feels anyway. The loud pedal is Impreza type fun with a bit more class. The car is in your face, but not quite in everyone’s face!

In the video below take a look at our little 30 minute visit with a Type R recently. I’m not going to go on too much in this article as I’m hoping to get a longer drive with one soon for a more in-depth test and a longer video.

Just remember, this thing is bonkers and so much fun, for a touch under £35,000, it’s a lot of bang for the buck!

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