Flash Drive – Lexus RCF-Carbon

“It has a foot operated parking brake, don’t forget to release it” said the Lexus press representative as I climbed into the dark red sleek machine. Seat adjusted, wheel in position and now let’s press the fun button and bring the beast to life. As the 5.0l V8 comes to life it’s vocal announcement is subtle, but enough to ensure you know it’s there.

Now I must insert a disclaimer here. We at Crossaxle know that the RCF is RWD as opposed to AWD but it was fun to drive and Lexus do make a number of AWD/4×4 vehicles so that’s the excuse I’m sticking to!

Now you may or may not be aware but Lexus do like attentions to detail. From the digital tachometer they created to keep up with the response of the engine, to the optional carbon park on the version Crossaxle are taking for a spin round Milbrook today they improve things where they can for even a micron or improvement. Take the carbon pack for instance. Lexus replace the bonnet, roof and active rear wing with carbon fibre (that looks wonderful and tactile, you have to touch it) and this panel exchange results in a 9.5kg reduction in weight. A bit of a moot point when you consider that Damian and I probably added that back to the car just from the lunch we had had. This weight reduction though, reduces the car’s centre of gravity by 3mm. Yes, 3mm…..I told you they like detail.


Back on topic and the drive. Due to time being of the essence as with flash drives, I chose to leave the RCF in its standard driving mode and just go for a run.

I engage drive and pull away…….slowly……..oh yes, the parking brake! Brake released and off we go again.

The Alpine Course at Milbrook was my first driving choice and this route twists and winds up and down various inclines and descents, making the 55mph speed limit not an issue, it’s a fun drive, even at 55 (poerty a free bonus). The 55mph limit however in the Lexus RCF-CARBON arrives pretty much as soon as the brain has decided to push the loud pedal hard! The published 0-62mph time for this 477hp, 530Nm torque 2+2 is 4.5 seconds. And it’s fair to say that in about 4 seconds we were at 55mph.

Well, the RCF-CARBON doesn’t disappoint on the Alpine route. It sticks to the [admittedly dry] road like glue. I know that’s a cliché but it’s true. No matter how hard you throw this car into a corner, it’s stays on track with the ease of Stephen Hawkin explaining physics; it’s difficult to do but the right person finds it simple. And that’s what the RCF does well. You can drive it and it will do everything you ask and then some. It’s comfortable, very responsive, fun and easy to drive. I did take it up to a ton (100mph for you young’uns out there) round the bowl at Millbrook and it was near silent inside and begging for the loud pedal to be pushed more, something I’d like to have done but would have been in to Millbrook bad books had I done so.

It’s hard to write more on such a brief encounter but I liked the RCF. And with prices starting at £59,995 for the standard or £67,995 for the Carbon, whilst it is a lot of money remember, Lexuses depreciate slowly and this thing is fun, has room for the kids and looks good too.

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