Eau De Bentley?!

If smelling good is your thing, the launch of the new Infinite fragrance from Bentley could be just up your street.  According to their press release, Infinite is modern, alluring and embodies a desire for genuine freedom and individuality and will appeal to those who are on a journey of self-discovery and want to make this a sensory and spontaneous experience. (Stop laughing!)

They continue to say that thanks to the sophisticated composition of the fragrance, Bentley Infinite enhances the blends perfectly with the skin and gives its wearer a sense of youthful, contemporary elegance and vitality.

Designed for active, fashion-conscious men, Bentley Infinite Fragrance Eau de Toilette expresses itself through an enticing succession of scents: natural, fresh, citrus top notes combine with the green, aromatic hints of lavender and cedar. These are quickly followed by vibrant heart-notes with bourbon pepper, violet and geranium. The final layer is one of sophisticated sensuality with patchouli, vetiver from Haiti and an exclusive hint of ambergris.

Apparently, the contrasting fresh and woody ingredients give the fragrance a masculine energy and a feeling of unlimited freedom.  If I’m being honest, I have no idea what the majority of what the above means, but then I don’t think you go far wrong with Eau de EP90, but hey ho, each to their own!

The new Bentley Infinite men’s line will be available in selected international perfumeries and department stores from April 2015.

Prices are:

Eau de Toilette; £43 – £59.50
Eau de Parfum Natural Spray for Men, Intense; £69.50
Hair & Body Shampoo; £24.00


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